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Kava Diem + Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters

We're excited to announce that Kava Diem is now part of the Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters business.  Since 2018, Alex and Lynn at Maple Leaf have been roasting coffee in Roselle, Illinois and selling their unique blends and single origin coffees to individuals and businesses.

We're committed to continuing to offer the same quality of locally sourced, vegan, vegetarian and organic ingredients and dishes to the community in our beautiful cafe space along the Fox River.

If you haven't made it to Kava lately, come visit us today and enjoy a revitalized cafe space with new coffee, baked goods and food options along with all your Kava favorites.


Organic.  Grass-fed.  Pasture Raised.  Humane.  Sustainable.  We consistently source the purest ingredients where it matters and won't skimp on quality.  Our meats and dairy all come from small, local farms who go the extra mile for their animals and land.  It feels great to really enjoy a meal while knowing the benefit it is giving your body and our world. 


We have many menu items and substitution options for our friends following a vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free or Keto diet.  Whatever diet you're following, we've got you covered!  And even if you're not following a certain diet, everything tastes amazing so you're covered too!

Kava Caprese Salad
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