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Truly Great Coffee

We know coffee and we want you to know coffee too.  Coffee can be a health food if it is sourced and processed properly.  We put our hearts into finding the highest quality coffee beans and the best roasting and serving methods to deliver an outstandingly smooth taste without the jitters or caffeine crash.  Some of our coffees even have brain enhancing effects and may carry less mold than other coffees.  We love coffee and we love you so we only serve the best.  We proudly serve Bulletproof(R), Fresh Ground and other special single sourced, wet processed and sustainable coffees.  Come taste and feel the difference.

Fresh Organic
Cold-Pressed Juice


We offer a variety of fresh and delicious, raw (never pasteurized), cold-pressed (never high pressure) organic juices that nourish the body and soul with the integrity of the live nutrients still in tact.  We make all our own juices from fresh organic produce.  Our juices are intended to provide you with the fuel your body needs to heal, energize and cleanse so you can feel like your best you. 

Our juices are available individually or as a package for a juicing program or cleanse.  Ask one of our knowledgeable Kava Diem team members which juices might be an excellent choice for your particular needs and desires. 


Real Food Done
Really Well.

Organic.  Grass-fed.  Pasture Raised.  Humane.  Sustainable.  We consistently source the purest ingredients and won't skimp on quality.  Our chef carefully considers both the taste and the impact each of our dishes has on your experience and body.  It feels great to really enjoy a meal while knowing the benefit it is giving your body and mind.  Order whatever you want from our menu, it's all healthy and it all tastes delicious!


We have many menu items and substitution options for our friends following a vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free or Keto diet.  No worries, whatever diet you're following, we've got you covered!  And even if you're not following a certain diet, everything tastes amazingly yummy so you're covered too!